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Craig here, CEO of Toustone.

Over the past decade, the data and analytics space has rapidly grown and evolved, shaping your business and ours in both anticipated and unexpected ways…

I am sure that you – like us – want to keep ahead of that growth, so in that spirit, I’d like to outline some important past, present and future happenings at Toustone.

Cheers to 10 years

If you’re not yet following us on LinkedIn, you might have missed that we’re celebrating a significant milestone of 10 years in business in 2024.

As Co-Founder and CEO, it’s been a privilege to guide Toustone and our very capable team in pioneering breakthrough solutions and data analytics tools for businesses across industries. consistently pushing what is possible with data-driven insights.

Our expertise and data solutions have been implemented in national agribusinesses, state governments and global companies. Our most recent achievements have been providing a state-of-the-art data analytics solution in the transport space, by revolutionising the reporting of one of Australia’s largest rail operators.

But enough about our past… let’s talk about the future.

What's next?

As a leading business professional, you understand more than anyone the importance of knowing what is coming next – in the market, in your industry, in your business (it’s a good thing we’re experts in advanced and predictive analytics!)

I am very pleased to unveil our latest triumph to you, the Sustainability Suite business intelligence platform. It’s what the next step is for almost all Australian businesses, so to make sure you’re on top of things, read on below!

Our new solution: Sustainability Suite

Our team recognised the pressing need for an accurate and helpful tool in the sustainability space.

We began working on a solution, one that is now ready to be brought to market. Alongside the development of this tool, the Australian government brought in new environmental mandates and essential reporting requirements for all Australian businesses to legally abide by. This has made the need for a reliable sustainability reporting tool more urgent than ever.

Our predictive ESG reporting solution does exactly this – it tailors to the unique needs and requirements of Australian businesses.

You might ask, how is our solution different from other sustainability tools out there? And that’s a great question, but one that is easily answered.

The Toustone Sustainability Suite offers your business the ability to not only get real-time online reporting in an easy-to-understand way, but also incorporate machine learning to predict future scenarios with up to 99.9% accuracy. This allows you to make strategic sustainability decisions – that’s right, you’ll be armed with that information of what is coming next.

Sustainability Suite Infographic animated (NEW)

Our value to you

As thought leaders in the analytics space, we’ve been honoured with invitations to share our insights and expertise on podcasts, and at events and conferences.

In response to this ever increasing search for expertise, I’d like to announce a new email initiative to you; our ‘Data Discoveries’ Series. If you’re interested in receiving our exclusive insights on AI and ML in business, you can sign up for our newsletter below.

We will be showcasing real-world applications and success stories from businesses just like yours. From innovative use cases to practical strategies, we’ll dive into how data can drive tangible results across diverse industries.

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We want to continue to share these insights with you because it’s important to us to foster a community of forward-thinking and idea-generating professionals.

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Thanks for your continued support,
Craig Lefoe