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Utilising data: Webinar Series


Gundagai Meat Processors

GMP is a family-owned business that has been running for over the last 100 years, spanning 3 generations and currently supply over one million lambs annually. In this webinar, CEO Will Barton discusses how they used Toustone’s Decision Intelligence solution to transform their business and its potential to impact the greater meat processing industry.



Plexure is a leading global mobile engagement solutions provider with 224 million end-users in over 60 countries. Plexure serves some of the worlds largest grocery chains and fast-food restaurants globally. Will Hunt from Plexure sits down with Adam Sharp and Daniel Shaw-Dennis to discuss the process, value, and key outcomes of utilising data to deliver personalised customer experiences.

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Webinar coming soon

This webinar will look into the practical application of Decision Intelligence within the Transport industry. Looking at the key components of DI (single source of truth, automated reporting, data storytelling and machine learning) and how it is leveraged by a train operator. This is currently in production and is not available to access.

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