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CSIRO AI Ecosystem


CSIRO’s National AI Centre has featured Toustone as an Australian business with “capability for enabling the adoption of AI technology within businesses”. CSIRO are an Australian Government agency that pioneer scientific research and support organisations around the globe.

Australian Manufacturing


Australian Manufacturing, the leading publication for the manufacturing and industrial sector in Australia, has featured a discussion by Toustone’s CEO, held in a room filled with business leaders, regarding why Australian manufacturing businesses that embrace AI have the opportunity to unlock immense potential for efficiency and innovation. He also debunked some AI myths in business.

RSM Global

Case Study

RSM Global, a consulting services firm for Australian business leaders, featured Toustone in a case study highlighting our work across different sectors. The case study primarily focuses on Toustone’s solutions for disability service providers and agricultural clients.

The case study analyses the data loader developed for the disability services sector, which improves operational efficiency and financial management. It also looks at the integrated data sources solution for agricultural sector clients, used to optimise decision-making in this sector, and increase profitability.


AHRI HRM Magazine


RetainTalent was mentioned as a ‘go-to solution’ for businesses dealing with staff churn and retention challenges in Australia’s leading HR institute AHRI’s HRM Magazine (Dec/Jan 24 edition).

“[The] RetainTalent system has significant potential.”

Andrew Dhaenens, Lecturer

Key Findings

Writer Alex Christian dives into the key benefits of Artificial Intelligence in HR in his article ‘Automated Innovation’ for HRM Magazine.

Four key benefits of AI within HR are highlighted in the article;

  1. Using AI to predict staff turnover
  2. Being able to create inclusive work cultures
  3. The ability to free up brain space for more critical thinking tasks
  4. Using AI to approach innovation in different ways

What resonates is that whether we like it or not, AI is changing how we work. It’s a matter of leveraging your data to your advantage, working with the data, and using it for better.

Interested in the insightful value our CEO has to offer on the subject? Read his perspectives on predictive people analytics in his LinkedIn article.

University of NSW


UNSW conducted research into our RetainTalent platform, looking at how our predictive people analytics is a solution to enhancing employee retention.

“A unique Australian product using cutting-edge AI technology.”

University of NSW

Key Findings

UNSW’s article highlights the potential of AI technology in addressing the challenges of predicting employee retention. The positive impact this technology has on organisational efficiency is clearly seen in the high level of accuracy a platform like RetainTalent can offer to businesses (over 90% prediction accuracy).

The article delves into:

Employee Turnover Concerns
Employee turnover is a significant concern for businesses globally with its costly and disruptive nature to business operations. For a business to remain innovative and competitive, retaining top talent is crucial – so how does a business do that?

Challenges in Predicting Retention
How do you predict someone is going to leave before it happens? Fortune telling it might have been called 10 years ago, but with the power of data today, it’s an achievable outcome for businesses. Previous challenges in identifying influences on retention, uncovering and understanding hidden patterns in data and of course accounting for unmeasurable outcomes like intrinsic factors leave a gap in the ‘how’ for predicting retention.

AI in HR
Advancements in AI have allowed for new possibilities in all areas of business, including HR. Machine learning algorithms, like those in our RetainTalent platform can analyse complex datasets to identify even the most subtle of patterns to make predictions.

Developed by the team at Toustone, our AI system is designed to be the solution for the ‘how’ in predicting retention. It analyses data from various HR sources to identify key factors influencing retention. The RetainTalent platform has shown “an impressive 90 per cent-plus prediction accuracy.” whilst of course adhering to a strong ethical framework with a comprehensive data collection policy.

AMPC Collaborative Webinar


AMPC and Toustone collaborated to bring a valuable webinar focusing on how to retain talent in a competitive environment.

The Response Research team from AMPC divulged key results from an industry retention project in the meat processing industry, alongside Toustone CEO, Craig Lefoe, who provided insight into adopting the data methods for within your plant processes.


Amazon Web Services

Case Study

Amazon Web Services spotlighted Toustone’s work and RetainMember membership retention platform after our clients experienced incredible business outcomes.

Key Findings

AWS approached Toustone after it heard about our advanced and predictive analytics work with Bankstown Sports Club (BSC). The Australian clud faced challenges due to gaming regulations changes, prompting a need to diversify revenue and address membership churn.

The detailed case study goes into how Toustone’s RetainMember platform helped BSC identify at-risk members and implement targeted strategies.

As a result, BSC saw a 25% membership increase and better engagement from staff, driving successful campaigns and maximising investments.


Australasian Railway Association (ARA) Membership


Toustone is excited to announce that we are now proud members of the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) in recognition of our many years working in the transport sector.

Key Findings

Toustone’s years of experience has been recognised with our recent membership with ARA.

CEO of Toustone Craig Lefoe commented

“For several years now, we’ve had the privilege of engaging with leading members of the railway industry, gaining invaluable insights into the dynamic landscape of rail transport.

Their experience has fuelled our enthusiasm for contributing to the evolution of transport through data-driven solutions and leveraging data insights to optimise operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

ARA’s focus on sustainability in rail, the need to support greater innovation and technology adoption to drive efficiency, safety and productivity all align with what we do at Toustone. Not to mention, their focus on upskilling and retaining those in the industry to ensure they are provided with the right skills to develop in their careers.

I look forward to seeing how we can work together with the ARA to continue to leverage our expertise in data and machine learning in the transport industry.”

Data Driven Insights with Adam Sharp

Podcast Interview

Toustone’s Co-Founder and Service Delivery Director, Adam Sharp was invited as a guest speaker on the RTS podcast with host Rahiman Shaik to discuss his decades of experience optimising transport and logistics across the Asia-Pacific, and what’s yet to come in the advanced analytics space for transport.

“Adam’s data-driven insights empower transport leaders to take proactive actions, using machine learning to forecast outcomes.”

Rahiman Shaik, Associate Director of Rail Systems at Sydney Metro

Podcast Insights

The Railway Transportation Systems podcast is a must-listen for any transport professionals and those working in the advanced analytics space.

In this interview, Adam explains how Toustone leverages machine learning to forecast transport operational outcomes accurately, shares some exciting new technological developments designed with transport, for transport, and discusses his experience working cross-culturally on transformative projects in his career.
Here answers the following 11 questions, many of which he is asked on a regular basis:

1. What is the difference between Decision Intelligence and Business Intelligence?

2. What can the rail industry take from your expertise?

3. What inspired your passion of applying statistical and data analysis techniques in practical business scenarios?

4. When is a time you’ve bridged the gap between business and technology for transport with an innovative solution?

5. How easy is the Toustone transport tool to use by transport operators, and do you receive continuous training on the tool?

6. Do you have any competitors in the rail space?

7. How have you helped a business leverage big data in new ways, resulting in unexpected benefits?

8. What is the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning? What have been benefits of the two in rail?

9. What cross-cultural challenges have you faced while implementing data and decision intelligence solutions?

10. When has your or your team’s foresight made a pivotal difference in project success?
11. What do you think the realistic future of digital innovation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning can look like for the rail industry?

ARA Research Capability Directory


Australasian Railway Association (ARA) has featured Toustone as a rail related research organisation, alongside Monash Institute of Railway Technology, NTRO, University of Technology Sydney and other leading research organisations in the transport space.

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