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Adam Sharp, Services Delivery Director

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Services Delivery Director and Co-Founder, Adam Sharp talks about how one of Australia’s largest rail operators revolutionised their reporting with Toustone’s Transport decision intelligence system; automating big data analysis and slashing manual efforts.

Complex excel reporting? Highly manual and labour intense delivery reporting? Lack of in-house capabilities to deliver a solution? Throughout my career I have heard this all too often. In fact, this was the case with one of our clients who is one of Australia’s largest rail operators.

Overcoming transport reporting challenges with data analytics

Recognising the need to leverage data and use data analytics tools to improve reporting and enhance service delivery, one Australian rail operator implemented Toustone’s Transport decision intelligence system to gather the complex data and automate the analysis and generation of visual reports. This reduced the labour previously required to manually extract the data and create reports.

Automation provided the dual benefit of cost savings and removing the risk of errors due to manual handling of data.

All of the train, station, and patronage data of this train operator is now viewable in one location for fast efficient insights, providing a quick and accurate analysis of performance and enabling them to specifically target any issues to immediately improve their service delivery.

The outcome?

Their Network Standards Performance Manager said, “We have taken what we needed to achieve minimally and increased it 100 fold, not 10 fold, a 100 fold! Toustone has been able to provide far more accurate detail than any other service we have worked with previously.”

Not only did using Toustone’s Transport decision intelligence system allow this rail operator to reduce manual labor and improved data accuracy, the solution also provided a comprehensive view of operations, achieving faster and more efficient insights into their operational performance and helped them identify and address issues promptly.

Other key business outcomes achieved included:

  • Service delivery improvement based on automated reports and insights
  • Enhanced data integrity with cloud hosting and automating reports
  • Enabling decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.

Toustone’s Transport solution offers invaluable insights into the power of data analytics in the transportation sector, helping to streamline operations, improve decision-making, and enhance service delivery through automation and data-driven insights.

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